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Contact Details Of Control Room For HP Repair
Lok Nirman Vibhag, Jharkhand, Ranchi Ke Niyantranadhin Avar Abhiyantran Seva Sambarg Antragat Junior Engineer (Civil & Mechanical) Ka Lekha (Maukhik)Pariksha-2017 Ka Result2/22/2018 7:16:51 AM
Regarding Letter No 648 Dated 06.02.182/7/2018 8:14:03 AM
Regarding Adhisuchna 612 Dated 02.02.182/2/2018 8:28:50 AM
Regarding Adhisuchna 611 Dated 02.02.182/2/2018 8:28:26 AM
Regarding Adhisuchna 588 Dated 01.02.182/2/2018 8:27:55 AM
Regarding Adhisuchna 587 Dated 01.02.182/2/2018 8:27:22 AM
Regarding Adhisuchna 586 Dated 01.02.182/2/2018 8:26:41 AM
Regarding Adhisuchna 404, 405 & 406 Dt. 24.01.181/27/2018 11:59:34 AM
Regarding Letter No 438 Dt. 25.01.181/27/2018 11:58:24 AM
Standing Order no. 162 dt. 23/08/151/27/2018 3:52:53 AM
Standing Order no. 148 dt.17.08.151/27/2018 1:29:12 AM
Standing Order no. 106 dt. 15/03/171/25/2018 5:59:09 AM
Directory of Officers / Employees.1/25/2018 5:35:39 AM
Departmental structure.1/25/2018 5:25:59 AM
Regarding Office Order No 264 Dated 16.01.20181/19/2018 5:29:47 AM
Pre-bid Meeting Queries & Answer Regarding Empanelment of Fresh Consultant on Dated 13.12.2017.1/11/2018 1:05:26 AM
Regarding Adhisuchna No 175 Dated 10.01.181/10/2018 7:23:56 AM
Regarding Letter No 1778/SWSM Dt. 26.12.17 For Availablity Of Drinking Water During Summer Season 20181/10/2018 2:29:20 AM
12/CDO/Ranchi/RWSS/2017-18 Dated :05.01.20181/9/2018 5:26:45 AM
Regarding Utilization of Mine Water for Community Use MOU Betwwen Govt Of Jharkhand & Coal India Limited1/8/2018 4:05:50 AM
Regarding Cancellation Notice of PR No 176338(DWSD)-2017-18 RFP No 11-CDO-Ranchi-RWSS-2017-181/8/2018 2:02:59 AM
11/CDO/Ranchi/RWSS/2017-18 Dated :28.12.20171/3/2018 3:19:24 AM
Short notice for Walk-in-interview for engaging senior design engineer(civil)1/3/2018 2:04:47 AM
10/CDO/Ranchi/RWSS/2017-18 Dated :28.12.20171/2/2018 4:30:18 AM
Amount Released for outgoing schemes under NRDWP for FY 2017-18 Letter No 52/SWSM dt 27.12.1712/28/2017 11:53:17 AM
Regarding CDO Corrigendum: PR NO.-174210(DWSD)/17-1812/22/2017 4:22:06 AM
Regarding EOI for Design Engineer Letter No. 1341(CDO) dt. 18.12.1712/19/2017 12:05:59 PM
RFP with Invitation of rate for preparation of PFR, DPR including preparation of Bid Document in CDO12/15/2017 4:48:37 AM
RFP with Invitation of rate invited from eligible Empanelled Consultants in CDO12/15/2017 4:46:36 AM
regarding letter no 5703 dated 08.12.1712/8/2017 6:09:54 AM
Regarding Pradhikar Patra Lt. no. 49/SWSM dt. 06.12.201712/7/2017 10:30:00 AM
Regarding Adhisuchna No 5655 dated 07.12.1712/7/2017 2:35:26 AM
Regarding Adhisuchna No 5447 dated 28.11.1712/4/2017 4:19:02 AM
Regarding jAP-IT letter on Secured Hosting of Jharkhand Sites11/27/2017 2:00:36 AM
Regarding EOI For Empanelment Of Consultants For Preparation of PFR/DPR Letter No. 1243(CDO) dt. 23.11.1711/25/2017 12:05:07 PM
Rate Contract for hiring of Vehicles in Directorate, SBM(G) Drinking Water & Sanitation Department, Ranchi.11/20/2017 12:37:40 PM
Regarding Letter No 5226 Dated 20.11.201711/20/2017 1:13:46 AM
Open Tender-Bid system for hiring of Car for office of Directorate, SBM-G.11/19/2017 8:07:03 AM
Rate Contract For Hiring Of Vehicles in Directorate, SBM-G under DWSD, Ranchi11/19/2017 8:00:02 AM
Written Test or Interview For The Post Of Consultant SLWM, S&H & CAO11/17/2017 9:42:36 AM
Request for Proposal for Selection of Consulting Firm for providing Transaction Advisory & Programme Management Services to DWSD11/10/2017 5:23:17 AM
Regarding RFP for selection of consulting firm Letter No. 1176(CDO) dt. 07.11.1711/8/2017 11:59:46 AM
Regarding Adhisuchna No 5036 dated 08.11.1711/8/2017 8:14:24 AM
Regarding Adhisuchna No 5035 dated 08.11.1711/8/2017 8:14:06 AM
Regarding Adhisuchna 4995 Dated 06.11.1711/7/2017 8:04:28 AM
Regarding Cancellation Notice of PR No.168772 Letter No. 1169(CDO) dt. 06.11.1711/7/2017 2:55:40 AM
Regarding Letter No 4995 Dated 06.11.1711/6/2017 6:11:31 AM
Regarding Letter No 308-P.Sec Dated 06.11.1711/6/2017 6:05:29 AM
Final Notice for Data Entry Operator & Executive Assistant11/2/2017 12:24:28 PM
Regarding Letter No 4886 Dated 31.10.201711/1/2017 5:30:53 AM
Regarding extention of applying date for Appointment of various posts on Contract Under Dumka District11/1/2017 5:29:41 AM
Rate Contract For Hiring Of Vehicles in Directorate, SBM-G under DWSD, Ranchi11/19/2017 8:01:14 AM
Tender Of Bleaching Powder Stable Grade-II DWS Aditapur Division5/20/2017 6:31:27 AM
Construction of 3 mtr dia x 10 mtr deep sanitary well with all complete job in LWE Affected Block of Kathikund and Gopikandar under D.W & S Div. No. 1 Dumka “on Turnkey basis”.5/14/2017 10:39:44 AM
Supply of stable Bleaching powder stable Grade II .5/9/2017 9:28:27 AM
Supply of unslacked lime free from foreign particle contents having available lime.5/9/2017 9:25:39 AM
Short Term EOI of vehicle on rent basis of RCE Ranchi Zone Ranchi4/6/2017 5:44:32 AM
Short Term EOI of vehicle on rent basis of RCE Ranchi Zone Ranchi3/6/2017 1:20:50 AM
Short Term EOI of vehicle on rent basis of RCE Ranchi Zone Ranchi2/17/2017 12:24:36 PM
EOI of vehicle on rent basis of RCE Ranchi Zone Ranchi2/2/2017 11:53:29 AM
Tender of vehicle on rent basis of RCE Ranchi Zone Ranchi1/11/2017 1:41:11 AM
EOI for Empanelment of NGOs / academic institutions as KRC on sanitation for capacity building of different stakeholders on smooth and timely deliverable objectives set under SBM in Jharkhand.5/10/2016 12:38:21 PM
EOI for empanelment of Third Party Inspecting Agency for Inspection of Materials in India for Quality Assurance under DWSD, GoJ1/29/2016 4:50:07 AM
Advertisement for Empanelment of Manpower Agencies8/15/2014 10:18:25 AM
Corrigendum Chhota Govindpur & Bagbera PWSS, East Singhbhum4/16/2014 10:46:47 AM
In continuation to PR No. 103561(Drinking Water & Sanitation )2013-1411/22/2013 12:50:19 PM
RFP pertains to selection of consultant Anex 210/18/2013 4:22:50 AM
TERMS & CONDITIONS for Consultancy Water Grid10/1/2013 3:04:07 AM
Quotation supply of Computer Parts9/18/2013 11:29:23 AM
NOTICE No.136/2013-147/2/2013 3:11:17 AM
Bero Rural Water Supply Scheme5/21/2013 5:09:14 AM
DWSD Jharkhand Best Practice Draft12/3/2012 12:25:42 PM
Mahudi WSP CS Draft12/3/2012 3:43:27 AM
Amlagarhi Case Study10/31/2012 3:34:15 AM
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